Why the Cloud Is Better Than Legacy Mail Applications

Why are so many businesses switching to the cloud? Why is every major provider of business solutions, from Microsoft to Google, offering cloud-based services? The answer to both questions is also very simple: the cloud is a superior platform for handling the messaging and collaboration needs of businesses. Whether you manage a law firm or a general practitioner’s office, you know the challenges that come with collaborating on documents and projects using traditional email applications. Not to mention the IT headaches that emerge when machines start acting up.

Google’s cloud-based applications are your answer. There are many cloud-based applications to choose from, but choosing the right solution is where things get tricky.  And it’s just one more area where the technology and cost saving expertise at IBSS Corp. becomes an invaluable asset.

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Once we have helped you define your technology and collaboration challenges, we will show you how to integrate the Google Apps that will save you the most headaches and cost you the fewest dollars. Whatever business you’re engaged in, Google Apps has a scalable and affordable solution.

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