IBSS rewarded with NOAA AFSC Task Order

Alaska Fisheries Science Center’s (AFSC) mission is to plan, develop, and manage scientific research programs to generate the best scientific data for understanding and managing regional living marine resources and environmental quality. IBSS will help enhance and sustain the technology support, operational capacity, and technology service quality through a broad range of services fulfilling component and organizational IT service needs. These areas include:

  • Information technology services delivery
    • Creating system designs and development for deploying NMFS applications and databases 
    • Proposing operations and maintenance solutions, processes, and procedures to sustain system service and availability 
  • Information Technology Program Support Services 
    • Planning IT policy, strategic planning, enterprise architecture, data lifecycle management, business process re-engineering, and more. 
  • Independent Assessments, Independent Reviews, and Mitigation Support
    • Construct independent test, valudation, verification, and evaluations services to ensure IT products and services meet NOAA/DOC standards, requirements, and regulations